The following meeting was held at the Theresa Village Hall, 202 S. Milwaukee Street Theresa, Wisconsin



Monday January 7, 2019

These minutes to be approved by the Village Board at the February 4, 2019 Regular Village Board Meeting



President Marsh called the Regular Monthly Board Meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Roll call was taken

  • Full board in attendance; Director of Public Works N. Bodden and Clerk – Treasurer P. Koll were also present.


Citizen Comments:

  • None

Special Appearance(s):

  • None

Consent Agenda:

  • Motion by Tr. Polster, seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve the minutes from the December 3, 2018 Regular Board Meeting and the December 3, 2018 Public Hearing/Special Meeting as presented.   Motion carried unanimously.
  • Approve the issuance of an Operator’s License - None


Clerk-Treasurer Report

Report by Clerk – Treasurer P. Koll

  • Village and Utility Audit is scheduled for January 28, 2019.
  • As of December 31st the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office collected 56.7% of the total property taxes due.
  • Village received a Thank You note from a resident regarding the help they received during flooding.
  • Local Land Use, Planning and Zoning teleconferences available for local officials – any village official interested in attending should contact the Village Clerk.
  • The 2018 Year in Review Report received from Grota Appraisals was briefly discussed. 
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Village President Report:

Monthly Report by President G. Marsh

  • Legislative updates were reviewed.
  • Motion by Tr. Brandenburg, seconded by Tr. Palecek not to adopt a proclamation regarding the Village’s participation in National School Choice Week (NSCW). Motion carried (1-No vote/Tr. Koenigs). 
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Library Board Report:

Monthly Report by President G. Marsh

  • None

Public Safety Committee:

  • Police Department Monthly Report was given by Chief Simmons
  • Information from The Washington Post titled; ‘Job applications Plummet in Most U.S. Departments’ was discussed in conjunction with the difficulty hiring police officers.
  • Fire Department Report by Chief Stanke
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time





Regular Village Board Meeting – January 7, 2019

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Public Works Committee:

Monthly Report by Tr. Steger

  • Various items and information pertaining to treatment plant upgrade project was discussed;
    • DNR filed for a 90-day grant extension
    • Grant percentage will be based on the outcome of the pilot study which is currently being conducted
  • Progress update relating to sewer lining and televising project;
    • Sewer lateral lining and televising in what has been designated as Section #1 in the Village has been complete by Visu-Sewer; no results or reports have been submitted to the Village as of today’s date.
  • Monthly DPW  Report was reviewed;
    • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Brandenburg to approve a cost not to exceed $15,000 to replace both pumps at the main lift station.
  • Future agenda items:
    • Review sump pump ordinance
    • Discuss invoices from Kin-X Construction for snow removal
    • Discuss inspecting sidewalks throughout the village


Ambulance Committee Report

  • Information pertaining to the Nov. 13, 2018 Ambulance Committee Meeting was discussed.
    • Per the direction from the Village Board, Clerk will contact a representative from the Ambulance Committee to request that a member of the committee attend a Regular Monthly Village Board Meeting on a quarterly basis; Ambulance Report will be moved to the Public Safety Committee portion of the Village Board Meeting agenda.


Community Development Committee

Report by Chairman Tr. Steger

  • Department Heads need to submit their needs assessments to the committee chairman on or before January 18th.


Parks Committee:

Monthly Report by, Tr. Palecek

  • None


Finance/Personnel Committee - Report by Tr. Brandenburg

  • Motion by Tr. Palecek. , seconded by Tr. Steger to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $152,266.50 for the Village and $105,933.15 for the Utility.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.
  • Bank Reconciliations were reviewed.
  • Revenue/Expenditures Report was reviewed.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Unfinished Business

  • None


New Business:

  • None



  • None


  • Motion by Tr. Palecek, seconded by Tr. Steger to adjourn the Monthly Board Meeting at 7:40pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW  - Village Clerk - Treasurer

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